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"Connect the Unconnected" Program

The program pursues a goal to increase computer and internet access toward a quantifiable improvement in the lives of individuals and remote Georgian communities.

The Connect the Unconnected approach is founded on the principles of Simplicity, Sustainability, Network Creation and Visible Impact. Moreover, this initiative is not a project but it is one of the fundamental things that the Community Development Association (CDA) does.

"Connect the Unconnected" program is a powerful tool for community networking and cooperative approaches in SMEs.

Find our analytical pieces for technological backgrounds and networking potential of our communities in "Documents" section (Community Engagement Category).

Visit our facebook page (under construction):

Priority Issues and Demographics:

  • · Women Entrepreneurs – we provide them with basic business planning training, credit access instruction and then support them in using computers and internet access to find suppliers, locate markets, determine pricing and advertise their goods and services
  • · Minority Regions – we provide connection services in order to discuss sensitive topics, provide access to multi-language materials and mitigate any ethnic tensions
  • · Political and Civic Participation –the Connection Hubs can also be used as access points for accessing political and electoral information as well as gathering points to receive and transmit data to public authorities on service provision.

Communities getting connected in "Connect the Unconnected" framework

We work in nine municipalities accross Georgia.

We began this initiative in early 2011 and have so far connected 170 people in 26 communities.

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