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Community Development Strategy

CDA considers the competence and empowerment of women and promotion of women's leadership as a core instrument and point d'appui in it's community development projects. That is why, ensuring safeguards for women rights and cooperating towards pro-woman development policies are the main tools in our work.

Essential aspect of our gender-based attitude in women's right field is the women's health, especially the climate-caused and anthropogenic impact on the environment and resulting specific women's health implications in the resource-poor rural settings. Our specific focus comes on mining-affected settlements in mid- and high mountain communities. Please come back soon for meeting us on developing pages "Women's Health & Environment" and "Telemedicine Solutions".

The managers of CDA community groups, focal points, advisers and senior managers are women and girls with strong local ownership, strive to explore the potential that women community bears and will to reach the remarkable technological and social progress in our home communities.

Please visit our developing pages : "Peaceful Communities", "CCP Solutions", "Agro-Marketplace" and "Telemedicine Solutions" and get involved!

Regional Development

CDA's special focus comes on development of culture of tolerance in our communities and contributing to the process of reconciliation of confronted social actors while targeting not only their peaceful co-existence but active cooperation for strong communities and joining efforts in common work and advocacy platforms (please also visit our developing page "Peaceful Communities" in Programmes' compartment).

CDA's interest for work in the developing Free Economic Zone(s) results from potential risk of conflicts among the local residents and migrant workers, especially those ones from abroad.

CDA works in five regions of Georgia and supports the ICT education in peri-urban and rural communities, introduction of new technology approaches, development of marketing attitudes in micro and small businesses and promotion of small farmers cooperatives, networking of SMEs, establishing the databases for SMEs and related interests and HR, including the migrants' and immigrants' communities.

CDA cooperates with the regional secondary and higher education institutions engaged in the field of vocational education in terms of development of curricular frame for vocational education especially in the disciplines and technologies that don't have any tradition in Georgia (and South Caucasus) yet.

CDA copes the development of technical skills and technology knowledge with the civic education and promotion of civic values in regional and especially rural communities. In this respect our focus comes on cultural and socio-economic rights, especially in terms of freedom of information and tackling the root causes of information asymmetry (please also visit our developing pages "CCP Solutions" and "Telemedicine Solutions" in Programmes' compartment)

Social Venture

Since CDA's technical profile bears a green tone, we are developing the programmes that target safeguards for forest resources and substition of firewood energetics with new farming inventory and promotion of new renewable energetics.

Our SMEs networking programme (s. Regional Development above) targets the improving of information asymmetry in both intraregional and transregional dimensions.

Please contact Nino Kereselidze at [email protected] for further details.

Knowledge Management System

A special points in CDA's Knowledge Management approaches are the online library resources and distance learning tools.

CDA promotes the networks of vocational education institutions (both secondary and universities) and copes them with the online libraries and distance learning systems making universally accessible the vocational education's theoretical components and demonstrative part of practicum.

Our proud are the CDA librray editions.

The first Georgian handbook for diversified waste management has been developed by our team (please contact [email protected] for hardcopies of handbook).

CDA experts are working on multilingual economic dictionary that will enable the economic communication at supra-regional level (s. the signal page in our "News" directory, on our facebook or request it at [email protected]).

We are also backing the initiatives directed on the development of the learning materials, audiovisual aids and online classes for maintaining the Traditional Knowledge in the local indigenous communities, especially when it concerns the traditional technologies (please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] in order to receive a detailed information on these initiatives)   


CDA is a proponent of green economy and supports the important developments targetting safeguards for natural resources, especially forests and water ones.

CDA is a member of two green networks - Friends of the Earth International/ Friends of the Earth- Georgia and Georgian Green Network (please visit our "Partners" page).

Please find information on our successful campaigns and related appeals/open letters at,,

Please, also visit the "Documents" page

There appear the pieces and publications of CDA team as well as important information on international and regional development trends.